Frequently asked questions

What is epoxy flooring?

Have you ever walked into a restaurant and noticed how shiny and seamless the floor coating is? Installing epoxy flooring will give your floor this shiny, seamless, and appealing look. Epoxy flooring is made up of low yellowing epoxy that is spread on the floor to make it appealing.

Why should I choose Texas Floor Fx?

What makes the difference in epoxy floors is the technique of installation. Texas Floor FX hires only trained and certified contractors. As a result, when you choose us, you can be sure that our epoxy flooring teams working in your home or business will be specialists with the training and experience needed to handle different epoxy floor designs. They have exactly what it takes to bring your vision to life.

What sets you apart from your competitors?

Another reason why we are able to provide superior metallic epoxy floor installation in is that we’ve invested in the best equipment. A skilled worker can only do so much without the necessary equipment. If you’re looking for epoxy floor installers near me that won’t disappoint, your search should end with us.

Why should I choose epoxy flooring?

Another advantage of decorative flakes epoxy floors is that drawings or writings can be a part of the floor design. This makes them an ideal option when you want to include your company logo on the floor. The team member working on the epoxy flake floor will apply the drawing or text at the initial stages of the installation. This allows the floor to have that seamless look despite the design drawn on it. Epoxy flake coating floors can partition different parts of a large room. For instance, you can have a decorative epoxy flake garage floor in different colors for the different work areas. As such, you can have different colors for the different sections of the garage. This not only makes the garage floor look appealing, but it also makes it look organized. You get value for your money. It will be a long time before the floor needs maintenance. Since it is scratch resistant, it is ideal for garages, so even when tools fall on the floor, it will not scratch or chip. Decorative flakes epoxy floors are also resistant to chemicals. That means you won’t have to worry about stains resulting from chemical spins. Your garage /area will look attractive and well maintained for a long time.

Is epoxy flooring ideal for commercial use?

Yes! In fact, One of the reasons why industries go for industrial grade epoxy floor coating is its protective nature. This coating protects the cement floor below from moisture, chemical spills, and wear and tear. Since most industries have high traffic numbers, having a floor coating that is resistant to wear and tear will definitely make the floor last longer. We understand the need for floor durability in industries. That is why we’ve got the best commercial epoxy floor installers on our team.

How is our epoxy flooring applied and what is it?

1. First we repair any minor cracks and diamond grind your concrete. This opens the pours much better than just washing with water or acid. 2. Our First coat is applied and is the most important. 95% solid wicking epoxy giving you up to 8lbs. of moisture vapor emissions. 3. Your color choice of vinyl flakes is applied, covering 100% of the base coat. 4. Then we apply two individual coats of clear coats. A gloss hardener coating, followed by the final polyurethane coat.

Is it dusty when you grind the concrete?

No, vacuums are attached to the grinders as we work.

How long does it take to get my floor finished?

The application typically takes 1 1/2 days and can be driven on on 24 hours.

How long will it last?

You have a written lifetime adhesion warranty.

What do I have to do to maintain it?

Nothing, just sweep or clean with water.

Will it stain from my hot tires?

No, the two clear coats give you ultimate protection.

What about oil and grease?

We've got you covered there as well. Our products are chemical and oil resistant making it impossible for them to penetrate.

Where is your product made?

The great USA. Our products are manufactured in California and sent directly to us.

How did you learn to do this process?

We went to the manufacturing facility in California and completed their certified hands on training session. With completing this it allows us to offer you your lifetime warranty and get it backed by the manufacturer as well.